Monday, July 06, 2020

Burger & Lobster, Raffles Hotel

Burger & Lobster, Raffles Hotel

Burger & Lobster from Mayfair, London, became another one of those restaurants which I've seen around, heard mention numerous times and have never visited until now. The primary reason was because their first location at Jewel is a pain in the ass to get to. Now we have another one at Raffles Hotel (#01-25 Raffles Arcade, 328 North Bridge Road, tel : +65 69 716 127). Wheeee.....! 

Burger & Lobster, whiskey sour

Nursed a whiskey sour while waiting. The rendition here was topped with charred lapsang souchong. Imparted a mellow smoky aroma which wafted up my nose every time I took a sip. Very nice. None of the smokiness was infused in the drink though. Would have been great if it did. #justsayin

Burger & Lobster, pineapple tea

B&L has pineapple tea. Very nicely done one in fact because I'm definitely getting a good pineapple flavour along with some decent astringency from the tea. I just wished that the glass was twice as big.

Burger & Lobster, b&l beast burger

I didn't keep expectations high when we walked it. We just wanted to know if the food might be good. Quite impressed with the B&L Beast Burger. There's that Nebraskan beef patty, lobster claw(s), Brie and truffle mayo with fennel and Chinese cabbage. My opinion was that the slaw was unimportant. 

Of the other ingredients which I opined, held more weight, I was pretty surprised that I could taste them all. Except for the Brie. Was a little disappointed. Sure the lobster was subdued but it was there. Medium doneness in a tender charred beefy patty. I liked this.

Burger & Lobster, lobster roll

The lobster roll didn't impress me as the one Luke's did. One could easily also contest that Market Grill has a more impressive one. But those were also more expensive. This one was loveable because the lobster wasn't overdone with what they put in and importantly, the subtle sweetness from the meat was came through. A little more butter in the buns would seriously up the game but I'm not complaining. 

Burger & Lobster, Raffles Hotel

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