Sunday, July 05, 2020

AFURI (阿夫利), Funan

AFURI (阿夫利), yuzu shoyu ramen

We've finally made our way down to Afuri (#B1-29 Funan, 107 North Bridge Road, tel : +65 6970 1386). Ironically with less seating space due to the post circuit breaker social distancing measures, we managed to find a seat.

Loved the bowl with the yuzu shoyu broth. Savoury with a nice citrus fruitiness that was refreshing. The other ingredients were okay. Would have preferred to have more bite to the noodles but there wasn't an option for that.

AFURI (阿夫利), yuzu tsukemen

The tsukemen had a saltier and punchier citrus intensity. Understandably so because it was a dip rather than the broth. Liked it. But the charshu cubes were disappointingly hard. 

AFURI (阿夫利), gyoza

Didn't think much of their gyozas. Ordinary at best with soggy wings.

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