Saturday, July 25, 2020

Sushiro-ling rollin' rollin' rollin'


Back in Sushiro and experimenting with camera filters on the iPhone while wondering why all the pictures here have a blue tinge I cannot seem to quite remove.

Sushiro, torched spear squid

Torched spear squid (yari ika). Tasted like regular squid. Light aburi flavour.

Sushiro, ankimo gunkan

Today's ankimo gunka tasted not bad.

Sushiro, prawn ramen

The broth in their hae mee has lost some intensity compared to the previous time we had it. Still a nice eat though.

Sushiro, uni ramen

Uni ramen still on the menu. Sweet and creamy just like the last time. Still surprised by how they captured the uni flavour in this.

Sushiro, negitoro gunkan

Not too bad negitoro gunkan.

Sushiro, scallops

These large scallop nigiris are still nice.

Sushiro, ikura gunkan

There's a more voluminous ikura gunkan on menu now. While it wasn't quite as piled up as the pictures implied, it was a lot more than the regular one.

Sushiro, mentaiko cream cheese

Torched mentaiko and cream cheese gunkan. Salty. I liked it.

Sushiro, big red shrimp

Their big prawn nigiri is still good. It's a little smaller than the last time though. Luck of the draw I guess. After the order arrived, I saw another one sail by the conveyer belt that was larger.

Sushiro, anago

Smallest anago on a sushi I've ever had. Looked sad.


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