Sunday, December 15, 2019

More food and seasonal items from Sushiro

Sushiro, snow crab leg

Here's some stuff we had from Sushiro recently. Tried the snow crab leg nigiri. Not recommended. Couldn't taste the crab, not to mention the sweetness that we had expected from the meat.

Sushiro, roast pork mayo negi

I think this was the roast pork with mayo and negi. Tasted like how it looked. 

Sushiro, ankimo gunkan

The ankimo gunkan looked a lot better on the menu. Wasn't as tasty as I was hoping for.

Sushiro, shirako ponzu jelly

Like the anikmo and the snow crab, I kept my expectations low for their shirako ponzu jelly gunkan. The low expectations were met and nothing more.

Sushiro, prawn ramen

What impressed me was their ebi miso ramen. I know, no one goes to Sushiro for ramen right? This one had a pretty impressive prawn broth which beat the one from Le Shrimp Ramen. I kid you not. Couldn't taste any miso but the prawn flavour was good enough on its own.

Sushiro, shirasu gunkan

Shirasu gunkan was...edible. I'm not very impressed with their seasonal sushis at this point. 

Sushiro, tuna mayo

As if to punctuate the fatigue from trying what's in season and finding those falling short despite lowered expectations, I felt like tuna mayo. I enjoyed the tuna mayo.

Sushiro, tamago yaki

As I did the very unexpected chilled sweet tamago yaki nigiri.

Sushiro, otoro

They had pretty looking otoro tonight.

Sushiro, yuzu drink

Yuzu drink to wash it all down.

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