Saturday, September 28, 2019

Le Shrimp Ramen, Changi Airport Terminal 3

Le Shrimp Ramen, ebiko prawn paste shrimp ramen

I've been curious about the shrimp broth ramen from Le Shrimp Ramen by the Paradise Group for a while. Have read/heard numerous opinions on it but wanted to just experience it for myself. Happened by the branch on at T3 (#B2-49 Changi Airport Terminal 3, 65 Airport Boulevard).

It's okay. I was getting some wok hei-ish aroma along with some of that prawn-y flavour. It's not bad but also not particularly outstanding in my opinion. Nothing much there that would incentivize me to come back. In fact, those shrimp paste that they had was not even as tasty as the shrimp paste we previously had at Shi Li Fang. If you have had both of them before, you'd be able to tell. True story.  

Le Shrimp Ramen, dry noodles

Despite the shrimp broth I thought the dry bowl was more enjoyable. There's a smattering of ebiko in it but I see it as a lame attempt by the Paradise Group at cosmetics.

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