Monday, September 16, 2019

Uni torobutsu meshi and more from Kuro Maguro

Kuro Maguro, uni torobutsu meshi

This uni torobutsu meshi was part of a current limited time J Passport promotion with Kuro Maguro. You get the discarded end cuts of toro in a rice bowl and for $4 more, they would top it up with a bit of uni. The uni didn't have good flavour and I wouldn't recommend it but their toro has always been very decent quality. Didn't matter that they were from the end bits.

Kuro Maguro, ankimo ponzu

Ankimo ponzu was available and I usually never refuse one of these. The remaining sauce with bits of ankimo and spring onions were good for drizzling over the torobutsu meshi.

Kuro Maguro, kinmedai

Kinmedai was on the menu. We got a head grilled. Meat was delicious especially on the parts right at the base of the fins. Those were the chicken oyster or thigh equivalents on the kinmedai with dark meat. So delicious.

Kuro Maguro, Guoco Tower

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