Monday, September 09, 2019

More roasts from Hong Kong Jin Tian

Hong Kong Jin Tian, duck roast pork egg

Came by for a quick lunch. Got myself roasted duck breast and roasted pork with boiled egg and rice. The duck breast meat was unexpectedly tender. Roasted pork was good that we ordered seconds. Hong Kong Jin Tian's rendition of that roasted pork was old school like their other roasts - which meant a particular balance of meat to fat to crackling that is of a different ratio from what some of the contemporary roasts are trying to achieve. Fat was tender, none of the "melt in your mouth" shit that wannabe influencers love writing about.

Personally, the downside to Hong Kong Jin Tian's food was the rice. A little dry and beady which isn't much on its own. There's the gravy for that but I'm generally not a fan of their gravy.

Hong Kong Jin Tian, roast pork

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