Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Kumamoto wagyu ramen from Seizan Uni Ramen

Seizan Uni Ramen, Kumamoto wagyu ramen

I've numerous thoughts as I tucked into this bowl. One of them questioned if Seizan actually staked any reputation behind Seizan Uni Ramen because this stall didn't feel like it housed the dedication and care that would be needed to earn their accolades. Pretty sure the lackadaisical  attitude of the guy behind the stall and his young appearances had nothing to do my impression of them and how their food was made.

Maybe it's a partnership where their name was used for branding and this was merely just another local business just like the other local shops in Picnic. Back to topic then.

Those briskets (I think) were pretty tender but not particularly flavourful. Nothing about the taste clued wagyu because it was unexceptional and lacking in flavour. Not much beefiness coming from the broth which was also honestly, pretty pedestrian. Noodles - nothing mention worthy. Not worth the $20 they charged.

In fact, I popped over to Tangs for one of these straight after because the bowl was so unsatisfying.

Tangs Market, chwee kueh

Considering the density of food blogs to square kilometre ratio this island has, it's shocking how little one can learn about new stalls because everyone's just ripping content off each other or regurgitating some marketing material.

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shermanyeo said...

had the exact same experience and thoughts as you from my meal here as well. felt incredibly deceived after this meal and popped by to omakase burger to get a burger!