Saturday, September 14, 2019

Another meal at Sin Hoi Sai

Sin Hoi Sai, Tiong Bahru

This was another late-ish dinner. While Sin Hoi Sai wouldn't exactly be what most people would categorize as "value for money", they were pretty consistent with the quality of their cze char and there're dishes here we like enough that we could revisit.

Sin Hoi Sai, deep fried prawns

Had these fried prawns a couple of times. So far they've had the light batter crisp and dry which is how I like deep fried battering. Simple and pretty good eating which is also nice with their sambal belachan. A little pricey. 

Sin Hoi Sai, boiled beef fried garlic

Tried their boiled beef (肥牛) with fried garlic bits. The beef was fat laced and tender but for some reasons not beefy tasting at all. Not much flavouring from the fried garlic bits too so I'm not sure what to make of this. Will probably not order them again.

Sin Hoi Sai, sambal petai

Their sambal petai for now and the foreseeable future is my favourite vegetable dish from them. Though I'm calling it a vegetable dish, it actually has minced pork.

Sin Hoi Sai, salted fish minced meat tofu

Today's salted fish and minced meat tofu lacked that salted fish flavour that was more prominent the last time we had it. Hmmm....just as I was saying that they were consistent.

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