Sunday, September 22, 2019

MooTeow Chilli Beef Kway Teow by Empress Place Beef

I read that the guy who opened this stall (#01-31 Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road) had been under apprenticeship of the owner of the original Empress Place beef kuey teow so I was intrigued by the outcome which is presumably Teochew style. Which is the style I prefer over the commonly seen Hainanese style.

The owner wasn't around. It was some other guy cooking so I will rightfully assume that standards differ depending on who's behind the stall. After all, recipe and ingredients alone don't make the bowl of beef kuey teow.

This was the $10 mixed beef parts and tendon bowl. Beef balls were served with a bowl of their broth on the side. It's not bad. Kinda pricey though. I enjoyed the lime-y chilli mixed with the sesame oil which formed a large part of the flavours. I liked that I could still taste the rice noodles through the other flavours. 

What was different from the Empress Place Beef Kway Teow stall at Maxwell was the ingredients that made their chili sauce and that this bowl was thoroughly drained of broth while the original stall had a bit of the broth in their dry bowl for additional flavour. Beef balls here tasted a little bland. Otherwise I kinda liked it.

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