Monday, September 02, 2019

Tang Kay Kee Fishhead Beehoon, Hong Lim Food Centre

Tang Kay Kee Fishhead Beehoon, Hong Lim

I read about Tang Kay Kee (#01-70 Hong Lim Food Centre, 531A Upper Cross Street) and their cze char lunch bowls some months ago. From what I could gather, the stall had been around since the 40s serving regular cze char dinner until the younglings in the family dipped the family business into lunch bowls that garnered some attention.  We came over to try their "regular food" one evening because now we know that this would be the other place one could get food in the evening at Hong Lim. Apart from Woh Hup that is.

Tang Kay Kee Fishhead Beehoon, chai por fried rice

Tried their chai por fried rice which looked very mundane. What we didn't expect and kinda liked about this fried rice was the sweet-ish chai por that they had included. The rice was also competently fried with a good distribution egg and sufficient oil over the grains of rice without being excessively greasy. I only realized the ensnarement after a few mouthfuls when I continued to shovel spoonfuls into my face wondering what's this new sweet chai por fried rice sensation I was getting. 

I did feel that a bit more of the chai por would be nicer.

Tang Kay Kee Fishhead Beehoon, sum lou hor fun

We ordered sum lou hor fun (三捞河粉). Not the overall tastiest rendition out there but the folks are friendly and were willing to egg drop (滑蛋) the gravy. The rice noodles had a width that was more tagliatelle than pappardelle and was nicely scorched on wok with a smoky aroma that made this particular rendition noteworthy. Based on the treatment of the rice noodles, I would guess the other hor fun dishes would be similarly done.

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