Sunday, October 06, 2013

Re-visiting Woh Hup

I remain encouraged by how the flavors of the dishes at Woh Hup elicts nostalgia. Right down to how those pretty generous portions of condimental deep fried lard that worked with mouthfuls of their crunchy nai bai, extends the flavor spectrum of their milky fish soup or even adds a certain little extra to their bean sprouts that coincidentally complements the said lard with their spikes of chilli padi heat. Speaking of which, I'm still impressed by those stir fried bean sprouts with fish viscera.

Today, we got ourselves some competently done sweet and sour pork and a pleasant surprise from their sang meen. Remember how I dislike starchy sauces? The accompanying gravy wasn't as starchy as I had feared and it was so good that I was spooning mouthfuls in succession, wondering what did they do right. The crispy noodles and fresh pieces of meat suddenly took backstage. I was made to consider that their mui fan could be good as well.

sweet and sour pork

tasty milky fish soup

yum yum

stir fried nai bai

sang meen

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