Friday, October 18, 2013

A beef stew with rice from Pecori

Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant, brown beef sauce with beef gristles

I think these guys are either still fiddling with their menu or are rotating some of their non core dishes for variety. I remember seeing seafood and curry pilaf on menu and today (yet again after another grocery spree), we got ourselves something described as brown beef sauce with beef gristles. Which was essentially their beef stew from more sinewy cuts.

I actually liked it. It was simple and comforting with sufficient beefy flavour infused into the broth. An appropriate amount of time was apparently spent simmering the seemingly random cuts of meat that in spite of the gristles, it was all acceptably tender and tasty. Altogether a very pleasant change from the heavier omu rice options that they normally have and definitely an alternative to the declining mentaiko cream rice which of late seems more cream than mentaiko.

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