Friday, October 04, 2013

Mee rebus from Rahim Muslim Food

Rahim Muslim Food, mee rebus

Says on their social media that their stall (721 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8) is widely known for their Mee Rebus Power. With upper-cased MRP and no less. From what I gathered this stall used to operate around Yio Chu Kang Road and have moved to this district not too long back. I have mixed feelings about the mee rebus personally.

Here's some thoughts on the individual items that made the mee rebus. I haven't been eating much of these starchy kuah-ed noodles in the past decade or so. It's probably because I've never remembered them as being very good. In fact, I can barely remember the last time. For a start, their sweet and spiced gravy was really just okay, but then again I'm no expert on mee rebus gravy. The satay sauce that they ladled over the noodles, one of the synergistic "power" components to the dish would have been forgettable by itself if I had gotten them with orders of satay. That would have been at best middle tier satay sauce and no better. It was a little too thin (I meant it totally lacked viscosity there) and could have done with more crushed peanuts. I don't even like yellow noodles in the first place.

When put together, the plate was actually pretty decent. The satay sauce added more depth to the otherwise regular gravy. Bits of green chilli provided aroma and bite. Not to mention also a little bit of heat spikes. Even the lime slipped in some tang into occasional mouthfuls. Having chopped boiled chicken, surprisingly tender by the way, upped the game because - chicken in mee rebus.

I don't mind eating this if I'm in the vicinity, but I don't think it's so good that I'll travel here specially just for that mee rebus power

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