Thursday, October 10, 2013

RedRing Wanton Mee, Holland Drive

There's a bit of an unusual story behind this stall (46 Holland Drive). 

Apparently, it's run by a couple who has done some R&D with their son, who's incidentally someone bound for a Ph.D. in Stanford University in Chemistry after graduating from the local university. The components of the wanton noodles, a result of their year of research, are a product of part machine automation and part measured scientific calibration.

There's a noodle boiling machine that cooks their egg noodles in batches at precise temperatures under a fixed duration in water that's constantly and automatically changed so that none of that residual starch or alkali accumulates and clings onto the noodles. Char siew is done using a Weber smoker without artificial coloring and the sauce is an alchemy of their own design. The rest of the details can be Googled.

What's the verdict of this unusual wanton mee stall? I think I rather liked it. The noodles, which was my favourite part were chewy and eggy flavored; and there was just enough of their sauce to coat them all. The lightly smokey tasting char siew was fairly tasty even though the style is not of my preferred type and the pieces are much too chopped up enjoy much of any texture. The chilli sauce itself was a little tame and I couldn't really tell what was special about it. But I wouldn't mind eating this again.

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