Sunday, October 20, 2013

Food stall lunch at Takashimaya

This was basically lunching by munching through the food stalls set up just outside of the supermarket at Takashimaya. There were actually too much things that we would have wanted to eat, so we ended up getting stuff from just a couple of vendors.

The first stall we happened by was selling mentaiko. The people at the stall were doing sandwiches on crust removed white bread that were lightly toasted. And then two thick pats of butter along with a spread of mentaiko that they were selling. It, was awesome.

The other siren serenade that reeled us in was the GroXer Inc booth that was selling some Japanese products. That included Joshu wagyu and gyu from the Gunma prefecture.

We were informed that Joshu gyu is a branding for what is known as F1 beef, meat that is derived from a cross breed between a wagyu bull and a dairy cow. The progeny benefits from the genetic inheritance from the parent resulting in tenderness and good marbling characteristics in its own. 

Convinced by the charming hostess trying to sell us stuff (lol!) and that the stall was also manned by Tadashi Takahashi from Hashi, we buckled for a wagyu steak don which was excellent. It was a bit of coin dropped in for that bento, but the fragrant caramelization from meat which largely dissolved on the tongue with great flavor made it worth it. In fact, we thought well enough of it that we went back.

This time, it was for their F1 gyu don, with their delicious sukiyaki styled sauce and sauce infused tofu. The meat was cooked upon order and the marbling looked so good that we had initially mistaken it for wagyu. The flavor was sublime and texture, ethereal. Paired with the piping hot rice, tofu and sweet shreds of onion. 

With little room left, we managed to squeeze a small order of braised intestines as sides from the nearby booth selling Taiwanese food. Good stuff too.

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