Monday, October 28, 2013

More from Kian Seng Seafood

This was a family birthday dinner where we ordered up a bunch of what we liked from the previous visit including a couple of  items which we hadn't tried before. One of which was the dull skinned and mildly herbal kampung salt chicken that almost everyone else seems to be ordering; which turned out to be pretty good. Apart from the mild herbal aroma, the bird was what we felt to be nicely and sufficiently salted. It reminded me of the salt baked one from Plum Village which was juicer and had the advantage of being peppery.

Here's a second go at their spinach with three eggs and superior stock. Wow, this was just a turnaround from the previous visit. The gravy was noticeably much more flavorful  from the salted egg in comparison with then. This stuff is pretty damn good.

And a delicious dry stir fried kuey teow with preserved turnip (cai por), bean sprouts and chopped bits of kailan. I didn't care much for those strips of ham that they placed over the top, but the rest of the rice noodles were a medley of textures from the vegetables with a savory char aroma. Very good with the garlic chilli sauce on the side that they've provided!

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