Monday, October 21, 2013

Etna 2013

It seems that Etna has scoped downwards their rather extensive menu, reducing the once rather staggering options to less than half. Of the casualties that were involved, one is a risotto that I really liked.

There was burrata available so we got one. The creamy cheese was nicely chilled along with the vine ripened tomatoes. The wait staff tried to convince us that the accompanying Parma ham would melt in the mouth. She probably hasn't had much of them herself. Haha...

There's a new risotto on menu done with Castelmagno cheese and Barolo reduction. T'was not bad there. The fortified wine reduction was pretty viscous and sweet, playing off the savoury and creamy rice.

Also something that we hadn't taken note of before, their ba chor mee of home made semolina ciriole with sausages, porcini and truffle paste. This was very good. Served piping hot, the texture of the noodles were quite spot on for fresh pasta. Their cream sauce was clinging nicely onto them. I can see us having this again. 

And our favourite dessert from Etna. Not that they have that much to choose from, but the pistachios made the difference.

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