Saturday, September 21, 2019

Breakfast : two fried eggs from Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice

Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice

Many people have their "I ate these while growing up" moments. Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice is one of mine. There wasn't so much variety in those times and people often went back to their favourites much more often than one did these days. If you asked me whether the food tasted the same all these years, I'd suppose they did. If there were any truly any differences, it was probably negligible. These pork chops were in my head, still the standards I hold to when comparing with other curry rice pork chops. Even though I admit to enjoying the crispy variety in the recent years.

In the delicious mess above was two fried molten yolk-ed eggs, pork chop and chap chye. Curry squids were unfortunately not ready at that time of the morning. Yummy and not everyone's plate in the morning as most of the people in the coffeeshop were queueing for the next door ba chor mee which is probably a more breakfast-y item around.

Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice, Tiong Bahru

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