Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sardine murtabak and other stuff at Zam Zam

Zam Zam, sardine murtabak

The thing to order at Zam Zam is their mutton murtabak. At least for me it is. We've tried the beef and the deer rendition and both as I recall were unexceptional. Not sure about the chicken one. We're trying the sardine murtabak for the first time today.

Zam Zam, milo dinosaur

But first a Milo dinosaur - which turned out to be a little disappointing. The iced Milo wasn't thick enough and there's not so much of the Milo powder that makes it worthy of the "dinosaur" moniker.

Zam Zam, sardine murtabak

Sardine murtabak was not bad. Quite a bit of sardines but that also meant that the prata was less crisp since the fillings would be wet. Would have liked it better if the onions were diced up like the mutton rendition. While I liked their fish curry that came with this, that curry was enough of a flavour bomb that it masked most of the tomato-y and sardine-y flavour from the murtabak.

Zam Zam, nasi goreng

Zam Zam's nasi goreng mutton uses diced mutton cubes. Meat was nicely scorched but dried up. Flavour of the fried rice wasn't particularly outstanding as well so I can put them on the ignore list in the future. Still looking for a good rendition of this dish that uses chunky ground mutton rather than diced ones.

Zam Zam, mutton kurma

Today's mutton kurma tasted different from the last time we had it. While that was improbable on the basis that institutions like them don't change recipes on any whim, I did feel that the gravy tasted more flour-y than the previous time we've had it.

Zam Zam, North Bridge Road

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