Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Coco Ichibanya, Star Vista

It's been a number of years since we've last eaten at Coco Ichibanya (#02-06 Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green). Since the weather has been uncharacteristically cooling these recent nights, the thought of some curry sounded like a good idea as we were in the vicinity. Because we hadn't had it for such a long while, I also forgot what was the spiciness level that I liked from them and got a level 2 instead of a 3 which I think I would have preferred.

Quick one here. The first picture featured their pork cutlet with cheese curry rice - to which I added extra cheese and clams. Not bad. As I've mentioned earlier, a bit more heat would have been more satisfying. Loved the flavour of the clams. The other one was scrambled eggs with added hot dogs. The eggs were poorly done. More omelette than scrambled eggs and not enough to go around. In this case, texture and butter is important and they were both lacking.

Tried their chicken gyoza which tasted pretty much like most gyozas. Skin looked a little pale.

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