Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Shun X Sakemaru (旬 X 酒丸), Cuppage Plaza

Shun X Sakemaru (旬 X 酒丸), Cuppage Plaza

Heard about Shun X Sakemaru (#04-04 Cuppage Plaza, 5 Koek Road, tel : +65 6732 0195) - a collaboration between the izakaya Shun from Kappo Shunsui and Sakemaru. I've never patronized any of them before but I heard interesting things so I thought to give this one a go. These guys are located right next to Kazu.

Shun X Sakemaru, clamato red eye

The drink menu has a Clamato red eye so I got one while waiting for the food. It was a lot more Clamato than beer and the Tabasco flavour was non-existent.

Shun X Sakemaru, otoshi

Otoshi was a simmered fish in dashi/mirin. Possibly yellowtail. Tender, fatty and falling apart in the mouth infused by its sweet broth.

Shun X Sakemaru, menu

We ordered the simmered monkfish liver that they had on their seasonal menu.

Shun X Sakemaru, monkfish liver

When it was served, we realized that it wasn't simmered. The liver was a mousse. Very creamy, possibly with real cream and a light hint of ginger. Very nice. The crunchy pickled radish on the side tasted like they were made in house. The flavour was almost caramel. Very nice too. 

Shun X Sakemaru, yellowtail

This was chopped up yellowtail with sour plum and sweet miso. The dressing was perky and was unexpectedly livened up further with the shiso flowers. Loved this.

Shun X Sakemaru, fried amaebi seaweed

The menu described this as sweet prawn and seaweed under the fried food section. Anything that required deep frying made that section so I thought it might have been isobe tempura. But these were just deep fried amaebi. Good munching because of the flavour from the shrimps and I kinda liked the pepper mayo. 

Shun X Sakemaru, bacon

Smoked bacon which was as good as it looked and sounded.

Shun X Sakemaru, yuzu pepper chicken soup

The menu described this as yuzu pepper chicken soup. Didn't taste any yuzu pepper but it was a pretty nice light to medium intensity soup. The chunks of chicken were smooth and tender.

Shun X Sakemaru, dashi tamagoyaki

We topped up with some dashi tamagoyaki before carbs. Freshly made, light and savoury.

Shun X Sakemaru, uni risotto

Carbs was their uni risotto. Which was a little disappointing because the flavour didn't come through. As a dish, it didn't taste bad. I liked the use of shiso flowers. But the rice tasted mostly like light soy sauce and I suppose if one tried the darndest, there was something subtle in the background. For what they charged, we had expected to be impressed. The uni was good though.

Shun X Sakemaru (旬 X 酒丸), Cuppage Plaza

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