Saturday, December 21, 2019

Sun King Ryoriya (三錦中華料理), Robertson Walk

Years ago, this place was known as Ryoriya Sangokushi. It was located in another unit then, serving what I had then surmised to be Taiwanese/Japanese food. And a Taiwanese beer I remember not liking. What's changed beside the location was that the menu seemed to have expanded with influences Korean food and even local dishes. Now, there's also Sapporo on tap.

Tried some dishes that sounded interesting. Their stir fried cabbage with sakura ebi was very nice. The aroma from the shrimps permeated the crunchy vegetable. This would have been good with steamed rice.

The menu can be overwhelming from the variety and a little confusing from the descriptions. The name of the dishes were written in English, Chinese and Japanese. The English description of this dish was something along the lines of stir fried long beans with century eggs and peanuts. It was until the waitress repeated the order for confirmation that I realized it was 宫保皮蛋.

This gong bao sauce was more savoury than sweet...something different from the rendition that I grew up eating. The other thing that I didn't expect was that the century eggs were totally devoid of the ammonia flavour. I liked that the peanuts were toasted though.

This was described on the menu as dried noodle with sesame sauce. I had imagine it to be just soupless noodles with sesame dressing. It came with sauce that contained minced pork that hadn't that much sesame flavour.

The noodles became boring after a couple of mouthfuls. Thankfully, there was white vinegar and pepper to help eat them. And no, Kikkoman does not make white vinegar in those bottles.

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