Thursday, December 05, 2019

Un-Yang-Kor-Dai, South Bridge Road

Thai Isaan restaurant (#01-02, 57 South Bridge Road, tel : +65 6787 8575) located a short distance from China Square and Raffles Place. I'm not too familiar with Isaan style except for the Laos/Cambodian influence and the omission of coconut milk in comparison with the central Thai food that we've been having.

These were some spiced crackers which was served before the food. Something to keep our mouth busy. It's pretty good. It's a more complex rendition of our local keropok because of the spices.

The first dish to arrive was their kor moo yang. Grilled pork neck. Possibly one of the better if not the best rendition we've had out of Thailand. The meat was marinated, nicely browned from the grilling and had a dominant pepper aroma which I liked.

What I didn't expect from the fruit salad was the burning heat from their chilli. The heat picked up from a low burn rather quickly. Think I would prefer this with much less heat.

Gai yang was delicious. It seemed that the restaurant is known for this dish and the bird didn't disappoint. Meat was pretty tender and the marinate was quite tasty. 

The only dish that we didn't think was impressive was the squid stuffed with tom yam fried rice. It wasn't bad, just didn't wow. 

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