Sunday, December 22, 2019

You Yi (友誼), Havelock Road Food Centre

You Yi (友誼), tom yum noodles

I've been asked if I've tried the fish soup at Havelock Food Centre. Most of the time, it isn't specified whether the fish soup in question is referring Yu Mei Mei Shi or this one (#01-30 Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre, 22A/B Havelock Road). Unless that someone mentions the fried fish specifically which will allow me to conclude that they were talking about this particular stall. I haven't but I decided to give it a go today since I was early and the usual queue that plagues the stall has not yet gotten unbearable.

You Yi (友誼), fried fish

I got the tom yum ee mee option. The broth was a little spicy, heavy with tomato and cloudy. Didn't taste exactly like Thai tom yum but that was probably not the point. The fish they used were of the fresh water variety for both the sliced ones and the fried. That much I could tell without being able pinpointing the specific fish. Sliced fish were pretty fresh but the fried ones were slightly mushy. The batter was light and it was well fried but I didn't think so much of the fish itself. Not as tasty as what I was led to believe from hearsay.

You Yi (友誼), Havelock Road Food Centre

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