Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Forty Hands before Ip Man

Forty Hands, Tiong Bahru

We tried Forty Hands about eight years ago. It was about that time these Australian-sy styled cafe places that did all day breakfast/brunch started trending locally and eight years later, the Instagram kids still think their Eggs Benedict still look cool through the filters. Didn't leave much impression then and if my memory serves, I didn't think much of their coffee. But it's been eight years, we were in the vicinity before catching Ip Man 4 and didn't mind seeing if things have changed.

Forty Hands, tau sar pau

That's the tau sar pau which I see many photos of online. I'm sure it's because kids today don't have the privilege of eating them when they were young and it's a novelty for old food in a place they like to be seen at.

Forty Hands, tau sar pau

And that's how post of the pictures are taken on social media. Split right down the middle exposing the red bean paste. To be honest, it's not bad. Somewhat expensive but I enjoyed it.

Forty Hands, dirty matcha

I have a thing for matcha with espresso. McD has had it for a short while a few years back and I usually get mine from Starbucks. Between the them, I found a very nice balance from this dirty matcha from Forty Hands. Very nice balance between the green tea and the coffee.

Forty Hands, cheeseburger

Tried their cheeseburger because what the menu described sounded fairly sensible. Ordered it with less sauce.

Forty Hands, cheeseburger

I supposed eating this allowed me the epiphany why places like Omakase Burger and Burger+ can get away with charging they amount the charge for their burgers. Because they taste good and anything that tasted as good or better is more expensive.

But I digressed a little. The beef patty for this one was dense - not sure where or what was the bone marrow that was described in the menu. Meat was peppery too. Didn't taste bad but I don't think it was a good patty for a burger. The lopsided melted Provolone meant I got cheese on half the burger only. With forty hands I would assume that they would have had hbandwidth for the attention to such details. Pun intended.

I wouldn't order it again.

Forty Hands, avocado toast

This might be the first avocado toast I've ever gotten. Not bad. Would have been improved with more feta cheese but I'm not complaining. Pesto on the side was nice and I appreciated that the salad was actually tossed.

Forty Hands, Tiong Bahru

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