Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ryoriya Sangokushi, Robertson Quay

I've walked past Ryoriya Sangokushi (30 Robertson Quay, #01-03 Riverside View, tel: 6238 8962) from time to time. Was told their food was a mixture of Taiwanese and Japanese. I'm not sure which was suppose to come first. There's bottled beer from both countries and the food was very much Chinese styled while a large number of the clientele were Japanese. I'm guessing that there was an element of Okinawan influence in the food as the Okinawa Prefecture extends all the way to Taiwan and the food that hails from that region is very much similar to Chinese food.

The menu item ranges from really affordable ($3 braised meat rice) to a brow raising pricey ($35 for fried oysters). I'm not sure I have the prices figured out here. Food was pretty enjoyable. Would like to come back again another time.

fried rice

deep fried pig liver with garlic

ruo cuo fan (braised spiced pork with rice)

guo tie (minced meat and chives dumpling)

One of the items which we got was the braised pork rice. I love that stuff. The one served here tasted much like the ones served in Peng Lai Ge - more savoury than slightly sweet. The portions were a little smaller than I had expected but it was so good that I could have easily downed two of them. 

There was a pretty good fried rice as well as deep fried pig liver - something I haven't had deep fried before. The guo tie was decent. No as memorable as a local stall at People's Park which were meatier, has more flavourful fillings and crispier skins.

I was hoping to see braised or fried pig intestines on the menu but they didn't have that. And I'll also stick to Asahi over their Taiwan Beer the next time. The coarse bubbly from the Taiwan beer reminds me so much of Tiger.

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