Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ham, cheese and strawberry pizza, Part 2

Ham, cheese and strawberry pizza
This was another attempt at my strawberry pizza again. I should give myself a pat across the back for making them more delicious this time round. Slowly but surely, I will perfect this. Lol. The ultimate incarnation will likely look very different from what you're seeing. If you're wondering how it tasted like, go try it.

This time round, I bought a small basket of strawberries instead of the pre-sliced ones and possibly because of these strawberries, the pizza tasted better. I used Romano cheese and mozzarella instead of parmesan and mozzarella. The results were quite similar as Romano and parmesan are both sharp salty cheeses. The sliced strawberries were first placed onto the crust and then laid over with the shaven ham pieces. The Romano bits were scattered onto the ham to fill the spaces in between. The mozzarella was added after. This shielded most of the strawberries from the direct heat of the oven and helped reduce char on the fruit while the mozzarella got the nice browning.

The next time round, I'll might just look out for bare crusts instead of using these pre-topped frozen variety.

Ham, cheese and strawberry pizza

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HairyBerry said...

i always add deep fried bacon to my pizza cos i think its more aromatic compared to ham. and i think i'll add strawberries in my next attempt...a very creative yet workable idea! cool.