Friday, April 04, 2008

Butter chicken and garlic naan from Sim Lim Square food court

I was recommended to try this Indian and Pakistani stall in the food court at the basement of Sim Lim Square (B1-15). I was initially a little skeptical about them but went ahead anyway. It turned out to be not bad after all. The naan was kneaded into shape and sprinkled with bits of garlic then baked in the that clay/stone oven. All made to order. That much can be seen was freshly made. I didn't expect that the butter chicken was actually served on a foil sheet on a hotplate which had it sizzling all the way back to the table. The gravy tasted a little thinner than I expected but had a good level of spice. Which would have been better if the gravy were more creamy. The chicken portions was quite miserable as well and didn't taste as smoky like it did at Jaggi's.

One thing for sure as many of you are probably already aware, the coffee at the food court was horrendous.


Anonymous said...

haha, thanks for the reminder abt the coffee! i used to work near sim lim and whenever we went there for lunch, i griped to no end abt their coffee, which astonishingly to me, my colleagues found ok.

Slimming Queen said...

That is one one of my favourite store if I'm there. I like the the xiao long bao and the Korean food over there too. Maybe you can give it a try of you are there.