Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jaggi's North Indian Cuisine, Race Course Road

I found that this place Jaggi's, that is located at the fringe of Little India (34 Race Course Road, S218553, tel:6296-6141) which serves Punjabi/North Indian food to be pretty good. I meant that, I like what I had to the point where I'm quite sure I'll re-visit for the food. Prices here are affordable and frills are minimal. One orders at the food counter like a cafeteria and carries back to the table what they can and the rest (like naans which require some preparation time) will be brought to you when they are ready. The selection of food is pretty decent if not extensive.

Notable mentions for me were the butter chicken, which while was lacking in much of the edge of spices as compared to others which I've had before, was rich creamy and delectable. Filled with chunks of smoky tasting chicken it sure makes one want to consume them in copious amounts with rice. The kashmiri naan here was also rather unique. I've had them with a mixture of candied fruit and dried fruits, fully candy fruited and also wholly with dried fruits. This one here had finely minced candied fruit with cheese and I found myself really liking this rendition, authentic or not. The cheese naan which is served here is loaded with generous amounts of cheese in the naan which was quite different from the regular ones which generally just have them sprinkled over the top of the bread as it is baked. There is no charred cheese thus, in this version, but as I said, the portions of the cheese are pretty generous.

There was a pretty tasty curried mutton simmered with some unidentified greens, a mild and rather delicious lentil stew and some potato filled with cottage cheese which didn't turn out as I imagined it to be and in the end, thought little of. Lassi is of course one of the drinks that you can expect and I grabbed the mango flavored version which turned out to be much more of mango than the yoghurt flavor. Not to mention that it looked excessively yellow. The taste wasn't really what I had expected at all for the drink from previous experiences. Maybe I'll just go for the regular version the next time I'm here.

The total cost for this dinner for 2 came up to $33 which I thought was pretty good a deal.

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