Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Al-Ameen Eating House, Upper Bukit Timah

Al-Ameen Eating House (2, 3, 4 Cheong Chin Nam Road, tel: 64621996), located just across the road from Beauty World at Bukit Timah is a pretty recognizable landmark for Indian Muslim food for many locals. It is for me. Been visiting since I was a student. They're open 24 hours a day. Prices are pretty affordable. There's a range of local Indian and Thai Muslim favourites to be had. All to be readily washed down by teh tariks or any of the variable sweet, milk based and/or caffeine laced beverages.

I've been curious about the bunch of conspicuously coloured grilled meats at the front for quite a long time. Chance brought me to this end of Bukit Timah and dinner it was here.

To be honest, I got a little greedy and ordered too much food for two persons. There was a mixed kebab which featured chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, reshmi kebab (grilled chicken again, marinated in yoghurt), hariyali kebab (those green looking, mint marinated grilled chicken). Those were accompanied by a mint and coriander dip which I didn't touch beyond an experimental dip just to check. Coriander isn't my friend. The chicken was lukewarm instead of piping hot which I would have preferred. The colourful bunch of meats didn't taste as interesting as they looked. There was also a spicy bee hoon goreng which I thought was nicely done. Is it me or do not that many places make a good old spicy bee hoon or mee goreng these days. And there was also a deliciously rich paneer butter marsala with cubes of cottage cheese and some cheese naan to dip into the cholesterol laden gravy.

And as I said, all washed down with a nice milky mug of teh tarik.

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D said...

Man.. .despite having a great variety of restaurants in NYC, sometimes I just crave the good ol' local stuff like a mee goreng and a freakin' milky teh tarik. I guess you can take the dude out of Asia, but you can't take the Asia out of the dude.. sigh