Friday, February 15, 2008

Spice Junction, Race Course Road

Spice Junction, Race Course Road
This restaurant (126 Race Course Road, S218585, tel : 6341 7980) serves cuisine from the coastal Indian states of Goa and Kerala. Which likely meant that seafood is a specialty. For some reasons, we had overlooked all that seafood stuff and picked a bunch of other dishes like the coconut mutton fry, some mutton with tapioca dish which was a serious carbs overload, an interesting and a pretty tasty stir fried cauliflower dish called gobi manchurian. Of the three mentioned dishes, the coconut mutton fry and the gobi manchurian turned out pretty good - the former was fried lamb which was very fragrant and quite spicy. The slivers of coconut was crunchy and quite tasteless though. The heat from the mutton gave me the prickly sensation up the scalp so that said something about the level of spiciness. Topped onto the orders were a puttu, kashmiri naan (again!! this will be the last time) and of course, lassi. Service from the restaurant was excellent and very polite. Many others could learn a thing or four from them.

Spice Junction, coconut mutton frycoconut mutton fry

Spice Junction, mutton tapiocamutton with tapioca

Spice Junction, gobi manchuriangobi manchurian

Spice Junction, kashmiri naankashmiri naan

Spice Junction, puttuputtu

I think we ordered a little too much for two persons. The steaming hot puttu looked like it could feed three. There was already a large quantity of starchy tapioca and then there was still naan. I think we might have gotten a little too greedy and overestimated but we willl learn from this (again!) for the next time round. One of the specialties of the restaurant seem to be the Malabar briyani. That might be perhaps, for another time.

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Camemberu said...

Ah, another place that offers "coastal Indian cuisine" from Goa and Kerala like at The Mango Tree. I had been wondering if Mango Tree was the only one.

Some dishes sound similar, like the mutton-coconut fry. Love the spiciness.