Wednesday, February 20, 2008

6" in the Subway

I've always wondered at the slogan of 'Eat Fresh' at Subway. What do those two words really mean and what are the layers of meaning behind the the thoughts of the people who came out with that tagline and the ones who approved it for the marketing. Does it just mean that it's just freshly made? If so, many fast food places could "Eat Fresh" themselves too. A number of the ingredients are anything but fresh.

This 6 inch, double meat-ed cold cut trio was just basically ham which is essentially salted and preserved meat. What's so fresh about ham? The roast beef on the counter would probably appear fresh to a blind man. Cheese options are plasticky and cheap for even sandwiches. The vegetables aren't too bad, but I really don't know about having label them as fresh. Sure their sandwiches are probably healthier than the whole slew of other fast food joints, but a double meat-ed sandwich would cost at least around the region of $7, which isn't exactly cheap for food like this. Anything without double meat is simply sandwich fillings travesty because the default fillings are just pathetic. With the cookies and chips and sugar laden drinks, I suppose "Eat Healthy" isn't such an appropriate option for advertisement. That being said, I wouldn't mind eating them once in a while.

Eat fresh everyone!


Anonymous said...

i always go for the roast chicken breast at subway cos it's 'meaty' and tasty, yet somewhat healthier than ham. - blu

Anonymous said...

well, i supposed its the best and freshest sandwich i can get at this price. Sometimes, the feeling of freshly baked bread and clean, crisp chilled vegs just make the whole sandwich very lovely and healthy.

momo esther said...

yummy looking.make me hungry~~
i love their bread~~yummy

Anonymous said...

i love the subway melt. i guess the 'eat fresh' slogan refers to the fresh-looking veggies that are packed generously into each sandwich.

i still think the subway sandwiches are super yummy, convenient and affordable tho.

Anonymous said...

Eat fresh! hahahah

FoodieGymmie said...

always love the subway has the most meat... 3 diff types!