Friday, February 29, 2008

7th Storey Restaurant, Rochor Road

I don't remember how I came to learn of this inconspicuous place (New 7th Storey Hotel, 228/229 Rochor Road, S188451) down in Bugis but I'm guessing that I must have read it off somewhere that there's chicken rice to be had at the restaurant and that it was suppose to be good or at least better than the usual. I recall having had a disappointing steamboat at the back of the building once a long time back but little did I realise that there was actually a restaurant apart from the backyard. Does anyone know why is there the mention of Honjin on the paper sheaths on their chopsticks here?

There is only the steamed variety of chicken to be had as well as a bunch of other dishes that can be ordered from the menu. We got a small portion of the chicken, sambal kangkong and marmite pork ribs, along with the chicken rice.

The chicken that is served here wasn't special compared to other places we've had. Sure the meat was tender, slightly chilled and had a nice thin skin that didn't contain excessive fat. It was in the end something that I don't think I'll be looking forward to coming back for. Their rice was more heavily accented with ginger than garlic - which isn't exactly something that I'm fond of. The same can be said for the chilli which was moderately spicy but just a tad too much ginger for me to really like. The sambal kangkong was crunchy and was otherwise unremarkable. I had expected the marmite chicken to taste of marmite but it was just some sweet pork ribs. Flavours aside, it was far from the better stir fried pork ribs which I've had. I guess this is one place I won't be re-visiting anytime soon if ever.

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