Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pho24, Upper Thomson Road

I haven't much experience with pho bo beside a store that used to be at Novena and Va Va Vroom down at Seah Street which served a bowl filled with herbs that killed beef flavour in the soup. I was told by someone who's had pho in Vietnam that the broth was more oily and served very hot so as to help blanch the vegetables/herbs that accompany them. Pho24 (215M Upper Thomson Road, tel:6451-6811) was a fairly new establishment. They did a pretty tasty broth for their rice noodles. Was not able to comment on the authenticity of the cooking but it tasted pretty good to me because the broth was pretty beefy. That was from a bowl I tried with meat and offal. Adding sliced chilli and onions kinda enhanced it. For $12.90, it wasn't cheap but it was enjoyable.

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