Wednesday, February 06, 2008

RedDot Brewhouse, Dempsey Hill

I didn't think much of RedDot Brewhouse (Blk 25A , #01-01 Dempsey Road, tel:64750500) at all. Didn't leave the place with any positive impressions and that's a good indicator that I'm not likely to come back. They're pricey and didn't have much going on except that they brew their own beer and were selling pints cheaper than almost everywhere else. Not that I'm very impressed after trying a couple of their brews. Methinks that they have a long way to go before they're anywhere close to the likes of Paulaners or Brewerkz.

Marbled beef
Here's a puny bland tasting $29 piece of sirloin. I'm not too sure why this was called the marbled beef because it definitely wasn't well marbled. Hell, they didn't even get medium rare right and I can offhand and easily bring into count, cheaper and more satisfying alternatives to steaks which will beat this hands down. 1, 2, 3, 4.... I think you get the point of my opinion of this. The fancy presentation didn't make up for the quality of the meat nor the diluted cheese sauce they attempted to pass off as gorgonzola drizzled over the top. There's definitely too much gloss for the too little substance in this. I consider this a waste of money.

RedDot beef and mushroom burger
This burger had a thick patty which is much smaller than the bread which was not toasted. The menu described it to be accompanied by healthy greens and yummy chips. The greens were so healthy that it came with not a drop of dressing. There wasn't any vinaigrette. Not even olive oil. Nada! In my mind, the word 'chips' had registered as chunks of cut and fried potatoes. Calbee BBQ flavoured potato chips would be the accurate description for those chips rather than yummy chips because that's what they were. Didn't find anything yummy about them. This was a burger that lacked even the decency of fries. While the patty was decent tasting, it was a little too charred and wasn't beefy enough. I'd gladly top up a couple of dollars more for something more satisfying.

Squid ink ice cream
Interesting as it sounds, this was just a chalky tasting vanilla ice-cream. The ice cream was ash grey (not black as I had imagined). Wasn't anything in the flavour that was readily identifiable as squid ink. Spoke volumes about the amount of actual squid ink that was mixed in to the ice cream. Didn't look nor taste like the name implied.

Banana Zabaglione
I was quite surprised that these sliced bananas came at room temperature. For a dessert, I was expecting them bananas to be hot but then again, the menu never mentioned anything about them being grilled or baked. It came topped with zabaglione (or sabayon, the egg, custard and marsala wine mix) some berries and basil ice cream which tasted like a vanilla ice cream (again!) mixed with powdered basil leaves. A bit of banana, some custard with marsala wine and a scoop of gimmicky ice cream for $15?

I managed to sample the Weizen and some lime wheat beer. Both beers were light and mildly spicy brews. The latter did taste of lime. There was some green monster beer that was suppose to contain spirulina which was sold out and a new batch was currently in the process of being brewed. I guess that was just a poor judgement of the quantities they had to keep in production since this place wasn't exactly brimming with customers.

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Anonymous said...

i was thinking about paying this place a visit since i drive by the "tanglin village" area after work everyday, but after reading ur entry, I'd better think twice. thanks for the heads up!