Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mad Jack Cafe, Bukit Timah

After having walked by this place (6 Dukes Road, tel : 6462 4300) near the junction of Bukit Timah and Farrer Road numerous times in the past, we've finally decided to head in and try their food. I had some idea of what to expect from this place from all the signs that were at the front of the shop but still I was thinking...who knows? It might surprise me. As to that, I was both wrong and right.

Their fish and chips ($7.90) was surprisingly quite good. There was a garoupa option which was about twice as expensive which we didn't go for because we didn't have any idea if that was really worth the extra dollars compared to the regular version - which was already rather enjoyable. The crispy batter was both thin and light. Also didn't expect to see them offer vinegar which was available along with tartare sauce. The sides for the fish and chips were either fries or mushroom rice. Was glad we picked the mushroom rice which was unsuspectingly tasty. The rice was infused with the flavour of mushrooms and was lightly peppered. Portions were a little small.

There was mixed fries ($4.50) available as a side that came slathered with mayonnaise and cheese sauce. Not usually a big fan of mayo but I thought that the fries in this place turned out to be pretty good....and heart clogging. They're called mixed fries because half of them are regular fries and the other half are "spiced" with some seasoning. It was also an additional dollar if you decided that you want them all spicy instead of mixed.

To tumble downhill, their Blue Diamond burger which cost about half of  a burger at Relish which they claimed to be the tallest burger in town was disappointing. Obviously, they've either disregarded or have not heard of Botak Jones to make that claim. Heh! The thin and crumbly patty had plenty of fillers. If you asked me, I thought it was probably just 40% meat at best. The patties were doused with mayo and sauces - causing them to end up tasting like an unidentifiable meat substance more unidentifiable than the ones in Ramly burgers. Wouldn't recommend this. Stick to the fish and chips. Tap water is 50 cents here.

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