Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Tale of 2 Ramly(s)

I had the opportunity to grab Ramly Burgers twice during my diving trip to Tioman over the last weekend. As some of you already know, Ramly Burgers there are quite the different thing from the ones locally. The unique thing about this franchised burger is that there is no fixed recipe and whether it's a tasty one or not, is very much dependent on the person cooking it. Variations are abound and it's one of the surprises to look forward to when having a Ramly grease bomb.

The first burger I got came from a rest stop at Kota Tinggi. It's also the double special with 2 patties and egg. Notice that the guy preparing the burger sliced the meat patty into halfs almost all the way through and spread them onto the pan while adding some spicey powder. This makes the patty thoroughly cooked which many of the Ramli "chefs" skip by using another method of simply making cuts into the meat and pressing them hard on the pan instead. This guy also actually provided tomatos, sliced onions and lettuce in the bun as compared to the ones made back home that usually only have dried shredded lettuce.

Look it! I'm getting hungry typing this.

Now check out the bite view!

On the way back after the boat trip, we made a stop which happened to have another Ramly stand nearby. Being me, I just had to get one of them again. This time round, there were no onions. Just a slice of cucumber and that ubiquitous dry shredded lettuce which one of the store guys was shredding. Also, these two guys seemed more clumsy in the preparation of the burger than the one I had earlier which was also clearly better tasting. These fellas tend to get flustered at large orders and forget ingredients like the chilli powder for some of the customers. They also seem to be making the bread from some pre-"margarined" burger buns in plastic packs.

Now for the bite view.

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