Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Tent, Clark Quay

The Tent is a Mongolian themed all you can eat place located in the central area of Clark Quay. I said themed above because the people who work there aren't Mongolian and the food is definitely not Mongolian unless we're saying that they have celery and rasin salad and make use of green curry. The only telling Monglian-ism is that the staff are uniformed in some style(I don't know if that look is really Mongolian) and the food is all fried in a glass enclosure like they do in Kublai Khan.

How it works here is, each seat comes with a respectively numbered metal token. You'll have get your vegetables and meat which are placed in chilled bars and then you select your combinatin of over 40 different spice and condiments which will be stir fried with your vegetables and meat on a hot pan. There are some pre-designed recipes hanging over the condiment bar which one can use, but I think it's too much of a hassle and made mostly whatever caught my fancy. The selection of you food along with the token from your seat is passed to the cooks behind the glass enclosures. You then return to your seat and wait to be served once it is done. It turns out that most of the servings looked different and the same. Here's a look at some random shots of about half the servings for the night.

All in all, it felt like eating at a better and pricier Seoul Garden. The food is decent, but I don't think it's an experience that I will bother to repeat.

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