Friday, October 06, 2006

Have you been Cheezito-ed yet?

KFC has a "new" burrito call Cheezito which is essentially like the Bandito....with cheese. Me being a sucker for cheese stuff despite being apprehensive about food from the Colonel, decided to check out what's up with their new wrap. I'm actually not expecting anything fantastic out of this from the start, but hey, fast food is so damn conveniently placed. It's so easy to decide to eat them when you don't know what you feel like eating.

As I said earlier, it's a fried chicken burrito with cheese sauce in it. The cheese sauce, whatever it is made of is exactly the ones used with the plastic looking cheese fries which usually consists of cold fries topped with mayo and that said cheese substance. Like the cheese fries also, Cheezitos' cheese taste flat. It doesn't even have the mild zest of bottled Cheeze Whiz. I have my doubts about how much of real cheese went into the making of the Cheezito. Here's a bite view below to see what's in the wrap.

These guys aren't not even generous with the cheese fillings of the wrap which includes the small piece of chicken enlarged by the crusty batter. Mixed up with that mayo, one can hardly taste that there's actually suppose to be cheese stuff inside. So much for being Cheezito-ed. Innovation is such a cool thing. A simple cheap idea that can make such good inroads into sales evidented by the number of people I saw ordering this stuff.

Strange that these guys are talking about healthy lifestyle when there's really nothing healthy in the food. What I had was a great deal of sugar, flour and some chicken with a tiny bit of vegetables and potato. Well, maybe that's healthy for them. I'm also confused about their mention of how they pay particular attention to freshness. Maybe they meant to say that only the freshest ingredients obtainable by their suppliers go into their food factory every day before it is mass processed and frozen. Some one should also educate the folks that paid dearly for the design of this....tray cover. Green words onto green background.


Junie said...

i was gonna try this after catchin it on advert!

LiquidShaDow said...

Well, if you're okay with the cheese fries, I suppose this is alright. Like I mentioned, basically a fried chicken burrito with mayo and cheese. Just don't order one and expect something really special or extra tasty though. ;)