Thursday, October 12, 2006

Silom, Plaza Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

I haven't figured out whether Bukit Damansara is part of KL or not. Apparently, some people don't consider it so. It kinda reminded me of Science Park. It is also suppose to be one of the prime areas to be living in. That meant expensive housing for the more well to do. So I was told.

Silom is a cafe/restaurant that serves fusion Thai and Peranakan food. That's a pineapple fried rice. One could wonder how is that pineapple fried rice since it didn't quite look the part. Stir fried with the rice were diced chicken, squid, a couple of shrimps, sliced sausages, corn, green peas and raisins. Garnished with strips of what I assume to be radish, cucumber and carrots. I'm not sure what those brown strips of stuff were. This fried rice beat the one at Hans by more than a neck. Seafood, meat, pineapple and real vegetables. Probably a far healthier option too. And it tasted pretty good.

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