Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lunch at Tiong Bahru Market again

This was a second visit to this place in recent times. The first visit was not a month ago. The options still looked alittle overwhelming. We tried the roast duck store with photos of celebrities stuck on the front of the store (I didn't get a shot at the store front). I thought that the fella standing at the front of the store at this arms constantly spread out and walking around acted like some kind of a retarded clown.

That on the left is the mixture of roast duck, char siew, hard boiled egg and roast pork belly from Tiong Bahru Roasted Pig Specialist. On the whole, it was really quite good. This place has a well cooked and presented portion for all the items we ordered. The thickness of the char siew slices is irregular, but some came in thicker portions which gave a nice meaty bite. I particularly enjoy the ones with charred edges. There's some plum like sauce for that duck was a nice touch for the meat.

Something else from the above mentioned store is the fried large intestines of pigs. Comes crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. More than a handful of people are totally disgusted by the thought of eating pig intestines and the taste can be a little too strong. I actually like them and try not to think too much about what they are and could possibly contain when I eat them.

Knowing that I probably wouldn't be frequenting this market often, I had to have an order of chwee kuay again. Tasty steaming rice cakes laden with chai por(pickled minced radish) and delicious chilli again. It's going to be difficult for me not to order them everytime I visit this place.

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