Sunday, October 29, 2006

OOO : The Importance of being Elite

The importance of being elite? The fruit that blossoms often falls not far from the tree. What's about being elite? Maybe it's about being too good to keep a leash onto your little blooded beast. In the 21st Century, the walls have ears and mouths. Be careful what you utter lest yourself be owned. Especially pretentious trend seekers who understand not what they do. Fools that do not realise that sound reverbrates. An apt self labelled vivid nothingness in the head indeed, that fails even at sanctimony. Ridiculed.


Anonymous said...

oo u are talking about the wee shu min case. lol

Anonymous said...

Bureaucracy works in a pretty much top down, vertical manner as I'd learnt so harshly 3 weeks ago.