Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ten-Jyaku Japanese Sushi, Millenia Walk

First thoughts about the food here was that it was costly. The restaurant is located just next to überburger along Millenia Walk. We got interested enough to check it out. The interior did make an interesting business lunch/dinner location if one needed to make impressions and your pockets have some depth. On top of that, there were waitresses clad in kimono and wooden clogs.

I had not heard of this place until recently when I passed by on the way to the next door. Also no idea if they were any good. This dinner was on company expense but I am guessing that it will also be the last time it will happen in such a place. Heh...

Since this was a "business dinner" of sorts, we took things slow and also avoided the sets meals to see how their food is. We started off with appetisers (puffer fish and vinegared seafood) and the rest consisted of sushi, noodles, prawn teppanyaki and egg.

marinated pufferfish

This was the marinated pufferfish. I was actually thinking fugu sashimi, but I guess they don't serve that here. Tasted just like the one at Beppu, which meant fish ba kwa. Well, I'll know never to order these things again.

assorted seafood


The above were described as vinegar-ed dishes in the menu. I am assuming that they're in the way of appetizers. They all came in dainty portions. The assorted seafood also didn't contain much in the way of assortment. What we basically got were octopus slices, scallop and a prawn. It was pretty good and fresh tasting though. The octopus wasn't chewy at all and the natural flavour permeated from the first bite even though it was vinegar-ed and with lemon. The scallop was lightly seared but rare inside. Some effort has been made with presentation.

tuna rolls in seaweed

tuna and salmon sushi

Californian maki rolls vs. a solo Mr uni sushi

From the name of the restaurant, I assumed that there might be something special about their sushi. They're made to order and they run from $8 and upwards. The uni sushi standing alone up there was a mouthful of $18. Ouch! But hell it was good. The uni was smooth, creamy and light. I didn't get enough of it but at $18, I needed to exercise restrain. The Californian maki rolls tasted a lot better than I imagined. I could feel the ebi roe burst in my mouth which was nice.

Prawn Tempura

The prawn tempura wasn't exciting but it was pretty well mad. It was also a little expensive for what they were charging for 5 pieces.

Dashimaki tamago

Their dashimaki tamago was probably the most expensive fried egg I've eaten. Ever.

Wheat noodles. Uninteresting stuff.

Ambience of this place was quite nice I guess. Service was polite but far from prompt considering that it wasn't very packed. There were a few wait staff around which seemed to be always busy and not taking note when one needed to get their attention. The bill ran up to about $183 and I felt that I could still eat more after that.


fatpig said...

Wow $183 for portions that I could finish alone sounds mad!

LiquidShaDow said...

Well, small portions do make the receipt look bigger. Just like small potatoes make the steak. LOL.

fatpig said...

Ya I guess so. $183 was for how many pax?

LiquidShaDow said...

2 persons. The portions of most of the dishes were petite.

fatpig said...

Wow I rather pay $70 more and eat Kobe Beef at Keyaki lol :p

Anonymous said...

Looks like if you'd wanna go for authentic fugu sashimi, there's no better place than in Japan.

Haven't dared to try fugu sashimi when I was there since its like playing Russian Roulette.

LiquidShaDow said...

Is fugu sashimi still that risky? Sounds like it shouldn't be something I should try. lol