Friday, October 20, 2006

Mr Bean, Selegie Road

It's been about 12 years since I last ate here and I recall having a good memory of their Seafood Marinara. Well, 12 years is some time and recollections can be fuzzy. I could have been misled. In fact, I could've been totally wrong

What is being passed off as Seafood Marinara looks like something that can be whipped up in an oily wok at a hawker centre. Spaghetti stir fried in some spicy tomato broth with a couple of mussels, some prawns and shrimp and a few small pieces of squid. The prawns weren't even deshelled properly and I had to spit fragments out of almost every piece. For $14.90, it costs to much. Now armed with the hindsight , I don't think it would be worth half that amount. Really, if you want decent pasta, head down to Basil Alcove in the vicinity which serves something at less than half the price and more than twice the quality.

Serving the Turkish Beef Wrap on a square plate doesn't detract it from the fact that it looks and tastes like the Chicken Foldover from McDonalds. The supposed paprika beef strips came in small chunks. I could barely differentiate the yoghurt from some regular salad sauce. Nothing about it really taste Turkish. Mr Bean here has succeeded admirably in making their offerings taste like mass produced fast food items.

I'm not normally too picky over service at places like this, but I have really got to mention a couple of things this place. Service at this restaurant is at a bare minimum. They are apparently more interested in doing whatever it is that they were doing instead of looking out if anyone actually required some attention. The request for ice water took long minutes of waiting when there was only one other customer and what was eventually served, was wasn't even chilled water. Really, these guys aren't interested. And I intend never to return.

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