Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dessert at Menotti

Menotti, aside from being the grandson of Garibaldi is also located at the first floor of Raffles City. This place, being part of the Garibaldi Group is sister to Riciotti just down at Riverwalk. Just for those of you that do not know, there is a 50% off cakes and pastries at this place after 10 p.m.. Which makes their offerings a very sweet deal (excuse the pun) if you're within the vicinity at that time and have a sweet tooth.

That above is the Riciotti. The menu describes it as a "luscious and creamy cheese cake made from the finest" ricotta cheese." This actually tastes like a dense pound cake with little other flavour. The only resemblance to cheese cake or ricotta is probably in the texture of the cake, but it is otherwise quite unremarkable. The top of the cake has some pine nuts which have become soft. The taste of the pine nuts is barely discernable, if existent and really doesn't accomplish much but serve as an afterthought.

Glossy is the dark dome of the Cassata Siciliana. Lol. It's another ricotta cheese based cake with bits of citrus fruits embedded on the inside and coated with a shell of dark chocolate. The top is overlaid by a strip of preserved orange skin and pistachio marzipan. I don't think much at all of marzipan. Apart from being overly sweet, I don't see why anyone would like to eat that thing. This pistachio marzipan tastes the same as the regular one. That means no pistachio flavour in it.

The Cassata Siciliana was however in my opinion a better cake then the Riciotti in terms of textures and flavor. The bits of embededed fruits do add a pleasant distraction to the ricotta and there's also small chocolate chips inside.

If your astute observations haven't yet activated, that is the Tiramisu. I've been trying to avoid them in most places because it mostly disappoints and since this place is Italian, I decided to give it a go. Just subtle variations and this is one of the liquor drenched ones with a creamy mascapone spiral top blanketed with cocoa powder. Oh, and it's pretty good surprisingly. This place is one to consider.

The total bill for desserts is $10.10. So there you go for the past 10 offer. Makes you feel less disappointed when you make bad choices from being more adventurous too.

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