Friday, February 01, 2008

Ham, cheese and strawberry pizza

Dr Oetker has been providing me some moments of fun with making pizza since those frozen pizzas provide a pretty good base for anything else that one can do to them. What I found good about their crusts are that they aren't too thick and also not really thin like Italian pizzas. This means that we do not have to deal with excessive flour fillers and still have a base which is firm enough to heap a bunch of toppings without having to worry if the crust is able to hold the weight. I happened upon some sliced strawberries in Cold Storage going for $2 a pack. That pack contains enough cut strawberries to quite generously top 2 regular sized pizzas so I grabbed one with some shaven breakfast ham, scrounged my supply of shredded mozzarella and parmesan......and this was the result.

The good flavors to use are the mozzarella and the quad formaggi since they contain mostly only cheese which are essentially the backbone of pizza toppings apart from tomato sauces. This one is made from a mozzarella sprinkled with some of the above mentioned shredded cheese, carpeted with sliced breakfast ham and then laid over with the strawberries. Scatter more cheese over the top and it's ready to go into the over.

The lesson learnt from this time round is that, the strawberries lose their moisture by oozing out their juices, so it's a good idea to keep them closer to the centre or otherwise, they'll drip over the edges of the crust. They also function in a similar manner in taste like the Hawaiian variety, adding some sweetness and tangy flavor to the salty cheese and ham.

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