Sunday, November 03, 2019

Kazu Sumiyaki and the unchanging constant

Kazu Sumiyaki, Cuppage

In the recent years we were here at Kazu, we've detected changes. We took in a deeper breath of the experience recently. The place had lost the rustic izakaya/kushiyaki atmosphere of their earlier days. While the food was still of good quality, the portions definitely have shrunk. It also appeared that how the food was prepared had also been changed. The first indicator was the use of noticeably less salt in their kushiyaki.

Kazu Sumiyaki, asahi kuronama

We begin the story with a glass or two of Asahi Kuronama...

Kazu Sumiyaki, shirako

Since shirako was in season, why not? The portions were tiny if that wasn't apparent from the picture. While it was delicious, I still thought that $15 for two mouthfuls of shirako was expensive.

Kazu Sumiyaki, ankimo ponzu

There was ankimo so we ordered some. I had forgotten that Kazu uses ponzu jelly for these. These monkfish livers were exceptional.

Kazu Sumiyaki, tororo ringo

I'm pretty sure that their tororo ringo is a lot chewier these days.

Kazu Sumiyaki, kushiyaki

And that their prawns and scallops in bacon have shrunk. Considerably.

Kazu Sumiyaki, kushiyaki

Never noticed that they had chicken oysters as part of their regular offering before so we couldn't resist. The lonely stick at the end is reba.

Kazu Sumiyaki, hatsu

I used to think that I knew the hatsu skewers here very well. Well enough to recall how much they salted it and how the salt crunched between the teeth through the chewy hearts. They're no longer as salted these days. 

Kazu Sumiyaki, gyutan

Had gyutan.

Kazu Sumiyaki, lamb chops

And oh, the lamb chops are still delicious.

Kazu Sumiyaki, matsutake

Didn't expect their matsutake yaki to be so prettied up. I thought the recent ones we had from Keria were much more fragrant.

Kazu Sumiyaki, foie gras

Their foie gras sticks have gotten more expensive and felt like they have become smaller. Still tasted like it's no good for your heart though. :p

Kazu Sumiyaki, sweet potato

Sweet potatoes that we didn't pass up. They obliged with extra butter so it was awesome.

Kazu Sumiyaki, Cuppage

Up to a few years back, I would have easily recommended them as the top kushiyaki joint locally. I'm not so sure these days.

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