Friday, March 22, 2013

A skewer through the soul with the Dancing Blue Seal

I started this blog back almost 7 years ago back in 2006 to catalogue some of the things that I've been eating since I eat out pretty often. It has actually served as a diary for me to look back and sometimes recall events that were tied to the meals. Which was something I hadn't seen coming when Small Potatoes had started out.

Back then at about the same time under the same moon, another disturbance in the force emerged elsewhere in this very same world and from it, coalesced the Dancing Blue Seal and her overlord D.

Both of us had been reading about each other's eats and subsequently communicated via comments left in each other's site. Fast forward almost 7 years to today, we met up in person for the very first time to share the communal human ritual of having dinner.

At Kazu!

This return to Kazu has been very long overdue and I'm really glad that the food is still as good as I remember them. The kushiyaiki numero uno. Still!

Kazu Sumiyaki, ankimo

First to arrive was the ankimo, or monk fish liver. Pretty decent quality served chilled with a ponzu dressing.

Kazu Sumiyaki, shirako yaki
seared cod shirako

The seasonal menu offered seared shirako so it just made sense to order them. I quite like these for their toasty aroma coupled with a faintly sweet and creamy innards.

Kazu Sumiyaki, uni yuba
uni and bean curd skins

Next up and the last item before the grilled sticks started hitting the table was sea urchin and tofu skin. While it sounded like a nice idea as a dish, I didn't think the delivery was ideal. It was nice that the uni was aburi-ed very briefly. However, the morsel was too little and the flavors became overwhelmed by the shoyu based dressing that came with the dish. More uni and less dressing would have made this much more enjoyable.

Kazu Sumiyaki, hatsu
a cluster of hatsu

Chicken hearts were the first to arrive and they were nicely salted and peppered as I remember them.

Kazu Sumiyaki, oysters bacon
oysters in bacon

Next to be served were the universally loved oysters rolled in bacon. Bacon generally makes things taste better. Bacon with hot juicy doesn't need a far stretch of imagination.

Kazu Sumiyaki, lamb chops
lamb chops

The prices of the lamb chops here risen slowly over the years. Today, it isn't even numerical anymore. It was 'seasonal'. The taste was still as greasy good with the prerequisite flavors of lamb and I certainly didn't hear any complains over them.

Kazu Sumiyaki, scallops prawns bacon
scallops and prawns in bacon

I like these so they usually end up as a staple order. Again, bacon helps makes things taste better than they already are.

Kazu Sumiyaki, tororo ringo
pork belly and apples

The tontoro ringo has also changed a little over the years. Back when I first visited, I remembered the little strip of apple sauce that was laid on top of each stick of meat and fruit. That strip progressively went the way of runway models and now, it doesn't look that they have that anymore. I wonder if it's just today.

Kazu Sumiyaki, gyutan

Nobody has ever chastised me for ordering ox tongue here. But then again, I usually come here with people that enjoy them in the first place.

Kazu Sumiyaki, foie gras
foie gras

This doesn't require further words from me. Still as good.

Kazu Sumiyaki, brussels sprouts cheese
Brussels sprouts with cheese

I haven't had these cheese filled Brussels sprouts here before. I'm not sure if there were available the last time, but the nutty sprouts were pretty savory good in a semi crunchy and slightly chewy way. I'll have to remember to get them again the next time I come.

Kazu Sumiyaki, pork shiso
pork and shiso

Shiso helps break the monotony of the meat. These were also one of those items that has constantly slipped under my K-radar for all the options that have left me spoilt for choice.

Kazu Sumiyaki, kawa

I have a very specific relationship with chicken skins. For many years only ones which I would usually eat are roasted, deep fried or grilled. And in recent couple of years, I've learnt to appreciate some good ones from soy sauce chicken. But I digress. I'm thinking that Otowa will give the kawa here a run for their money. But then again, I'm also thinking that I would need to go back there to verify that.

Kazu Sumiyaki, sweet potatoes
Japanese sweet potato and butter

These also need no further introduction.

Kazu Sumiyaki, mochi bacon
mochi and bacon

Grilled mochi was also a first time for me here. They remind me of a savoury and chewy popcorn.

Kazu Sumiyaki, asparagus pork belly
asparagus in pork belly

These too also need little in the way of more description since they are pretty much available in most of the kushiyaki joints. Kazu just does them better than most.


red fir said...

COOL!!! can't wait! :)))

D said...

Ice! You should have gone! I hear you were from HPPS too? We may actually know each other. I was the same group as Brandon Choo and co.

D said...

Somehow it looks a lot less than what we ate reflected on the bill haha

LiquidShaDow said...

Well, I didn't get the gizzards, beer, sake and the seconds of the foie gras. Heh!

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