Monday, March 18, 2013

Revisiting Ramen Champion

Ramen Champion, Ikkousha

I pretty much had the same stuff from both Bario and Ikkousha the first time I came over to Ramen Champion. The building then was known as Iluma and is currently known as Bugis+. Then, it was suppose to be a championship competition that lasted over the duration of a year with the winner setting up a permanent shop. Ikkousha won. It's been more than one and a half years since and the challengers are all still here.

Which isn't a bad thing since both my favourites are located right next to each other. Having both bowls ramen on the same seating allowed me to taste with more clarity, the differences in the broth between the two. For some reasons, drinking one accentuates the flavor of the other. Ikkousha, my favourite Hakata styled ramen with thin wiry noodle in a porky creamy broth and Bario's garlicky one that I seem to detect flavors of shoyu now that I'm having both together.

If I had to choose a preferred broth, I'd still pick the tonkotsu. But Bario takes the cake for texture with their squiggly, firm and chewy noodles - married in equal portions with their crunchy boiled bean sprouts.

Ramen Champion, Bario

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